Aqua Jet, Our Solution

An alternative solution for those who want white teeth and healthy gums

“AQUA JET” removes the dental plaques, food particles and messages the gums gently, using only a narrow high-velocity jet of water. A study shows that using Aqua Jet results in satisfaction and freshness in the user.

Aqua Jet has a special nozzle designed to help you reach and clean all the spots that ordinary brushes and floss cannot reach. Aqua Jet is an efficient solution for those who want to keep their implant and orthodontic braces clean in another word people who have dental implants or orthodontic braces are advised to take advantage of this product. Using Aqua Jet also improves the gum health by messaging them gently.

Aqua Jet is a unique and user friendly piece of equipment. Use it one minute per each day and the results will be tremendous.

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Spend 1 minute every day with “AQUA JET”


 The importance of maintaining good oral hygiene

In today’s world, oral hygiene is considered one the most important aspects of men general health.

By maintaining good oral hygiene you will prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Paying attention to your oral health also improves your general health condition while poor oral hygiene may gradually affect your internal organs like the heart.


Prevention is always better than cure

Prevention is better than cure and costs less. Generally, using toothbrush and dental floss is advised to prevent tooth decay and oral diseases. However these two can only guarantee up to 70% plaque removal causing tooth decay and gum disease to start from places that are not carefully and completely cleaned.


Why toothbrush and dental floss are not efficient enough?

Dentists and hygiene experts teach people how to brush and floss the right way.  We should have in mind that the oral cavity is complex and different from one person to another plus toothbrush and floss do not have the flexibility to reach all the places needed to be cleaned. Also there are some blind spots in the oral cavity that cannot be accessed either by dental floss or toothbrush. These spots are called periodontal pockets.



Mouthwash is not the answer

Mouthwash solutions have their own disadvantages. These liquids have anti-microbial substances but cannot remove food particles and plaques stuck into periodontal pockets or interdental spaces, plus using these solutions on daily basis is not recommended.


What do experts say?

Researches show that in an efficient procedure for a complete care, dental plaques and food particles should be removed and the gums should be gently massaged. If you add soft brushing to this procedure, the result is going to be amazing.


How it works?

Aqua Jet only needs to be connected to water Faucet. It runs on tab water and by a narrow jet of water plaques would be removed and gums would be messaged gently.

Please watch the fallowing video to see how easy it is can be installed.

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